Internet Information


Send a Link: Go to File - Send - Link by E-mail. This will open your e-mail and paste the link into a new message. 

Back up your favorites: If you want to transfer your Favorites to another computer or simply want to back them up, do the following:

1. Go to Windows Explorer and double-click on the Favorites folder.

2. Go to Edit - Select All.

3. Right-click anywhere in the selected files and choose Copy.

4. Paste to a jump drive.

5. You can now copy and paste into a Favorites folder on another computer.


Evaluate a Website with Your Class  

Adding Favorites with one keystroke: You can quickly add a Web page to your Favorites folder so you can come back to it later.  Just press Ctrl D.  The page is automatically added to your Favorites list. 

Search for a word or phrase on a page: Have you tried to find a specific bit of information in a long Web page? You can quickly jump to a specific place. 

1. Go to Edit - Find (on this page)

2. Type the word or phrase you are looking for and click Find Next. You can continue by clicking Find Next until you have finished the entire page.


The Changing Role of the Teacher  

Video Tutorial - Using the Favorites Bar

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