Windows XP and 7

Windows XP

To manage Internet files without accessing the Internet:  Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel.  Click the Internet Options icon.  You can delete the temporary files, delete the History, and change the time to have History files stored.

Print Scrn button on the keyboard allows you to print the screen.  You can also print the current window such as an error message.  Press Alt and then Print Scrn.  Go to Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.  Go to Edit - Paste.  If you receive a message asking if you want to enlarge the bitmap, press OK.  Now you can print out the error message and show it to a technician.

Make sure to save all files to the "My Documents" folder for ease in backing up each week. In Word, you can change the default to "My Documents" if it is not set to automatically save there. Go to Tools - Options. Click on File Locations tab. In the window, make sure Documents is set to C:\My Documents. If it is not, click Modify. Find the My Documents folder and click OK.


Do you use the Recently Used File list to open documents you have worked on?  By default, office applications list on the last four documents.  To change this so you can see more (up to nine):  Go to Tools - Options - General.  Make sure Recently Used File List is checked and change the Entries value.  Click OK to close the dialog box.

Ever gone to Find - Files and Folders and then wanted an easy to check the folder it is in?  Once you have the file you want, go to File - Open Containing Folder.  A new window opens showing the file in the its folder.

 Windows 7 - What's Different from XP?

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