Document Camera

Introduction to your ELMO 
This guide will provide you with the basic instructions for using your ELMO with your existing computer and projector. Please note that you will need to download the software in order for your computer to work with the ELMO.

ELMO Instructions
Learn the basic features of the ELMO and how to use the device with books and making annotations.

SMART Document Camera
Here is a Quick Reference Guide that will help you through understanding the basics of the SMART Document Camera set up and its use in your classroom.

Lesson Ideas for the Document Camera
Provides teachers with implementation ideas on how to use the Document Camera (ELMO, Samsung, or Ladybug) in class with students.

Show Me Great Lessons!
This packet will show you how easily it is to use a document camera in your classroom.

Bibich Document Camera Wiring
Bibich teachers will find this document helpful for setting up your document cameras for classroom use.

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