3rd Grade

Workspace Lessons

 Spelling Template


If You Made a Million

Concentration Synonyms


 Simple Division

Hot and Cold - Antonyms 


 Investigating Remainders

 Multiple Meaning Checkers

 Root Words 

 Fireworks Math

 Tic Tac Toe Problem Solving


 Addition to 100


 Parts of Speech Jungle Safari Game



 Prefix and Suffix Chess

 Arrays in Multiplication


 ISTEP+ Review


 Lady Bugs in Pairs



Math Treasure Hunt

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


 Math Fact Race Board Game

 The Five Senses


Meaning of Multiplying



 Unit 1 Vocabulary - Social Studies


Multiply with Susie Snake


Simple Division Stories


AccelTests for 2Know Responders


 The Gardener - Responder     

William's House - Responder        

Me and Uncle Romie - Responder        
 Gertrude Ederle - Score Key  Suki's Kimono - Responder Jalapeno Bagels - Responder 


SMART Notebook Lessons



Cause and Effect

 Prefixes and Suffixes


 If You Made a Million

 Tricky Words






 Quick Recall Multiplication


 Subtraction with Regrouping


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