2nd Grade

Workspace Lessons

Henry and Mudge

Spelling Template 

Writing Numbers 

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

 Writing: Sensory Words

 Missing Numbers

 Tara and Tiree

 Editing: Sentences

 Measure to Nearest Inch

 Exploring Space with an Astronaut


 Measure to Nearest Centimeter



 Time by Fives


Consonant + "-le" Words 

 Explain Math in Writing



Ordering Numbers 






AccelTests for 2Know Responders

AccelTest Getting Started PDF 

 AccelTest Tip Sheet

AccelTest Training PPT
 Unit 1 Reading AccelTests Unit 2 Reading AccelTests  Unit 3 Reading AccelTests 
 A Walk in the Desert  Ronald Morgan  A Weed is a Flower
 Exploring Space Tara and Tiree   Anansi Goes Fishing
 Henry and Mudge  The Bremen Town Musicians  Dear Juno
 Iris and Walter  Turkey for Thanksgiving  Pearl and Wagner
 The Strongest One  Turtle's Race with Beaver  Rosa and Blanca
Unit 4 Reading AccelTests Unit 5 Reading AccelTests Unit 6 Reading AccelTests
Frogs Bad Dog, Dodger Birthday Basket for Tia
Helen Keller Firefighter Cowboys
I Like Where I Am Horace and Morris Jingle Dancer
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin One Dark Night Josh Gibson
The Quilt Story Signmaker's Assistant Red, White, and Blue


SMART Notebook Lessons

 Compare and Contrast

Long /o/ Sound

Living Things & Environment
 The Quilt Story  Random Writing Prompts Classroom Management 
 Life Cycle of a Pumpkin  Compound Words  
   Adventures with Adverbs  

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