2Know Responders

2Know Responders Renaissance Learning Video Tutorials 

2Know FAQ Sheet

2Know Toolbar Getting Started
This guide provides you with the steps needed to begin using the 2Know Responders with your students. This mode is anonymous, used for impromptu questions, and gives you an overall depiction of how your students understand what you're teaching.

AccelTest Key Tasks For Responders Guide
If you are getting ready to use the responders for the the first time, or need a few reminders, check this guide out. It will give you step by step instructions for setting up the responders for AccelTest, creating Assignments, and delivering them to your students.

AccelTest Getting Started
This document will guide you step-by-step through the process of using the 2Know! Responders with AccelTest

AccelTest Tip Sheet
This document outlines some of the features of AccelTest and how you can begin to use it in the classroom.

AccelTest Training PowerPoint
This PowerPoint will highlight the primary features of the 2Know! Toolbar and AccelTest.  Use this as resource when you are beginning to use the Responders with students.

AccelTest: Teacher Paced with Verbal Questions
Teacher Paced Sessions give you the option of collecting scores from students while throughuot the lesson delivery. These directions will take you step by step on how to use a Teacher Paced Session with Verbal Questions.

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