Mobi & Workspace

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Mobi Getting Started Guide  
This guide provides you with the basic instructions for  setting up your Mobi, charging your pen, and syncing your device with your computer.

Mobi Getting Started Video Tutorial
This video talks you through the important parts of getting started with your Mobi and highlights steps to pay close attention to as you move throught the process.

Mobi Pen Troublshooting Tip Sheet
This sheet will provide you with some basic troublshooting tips if your pen is not writing, charging, or pen icon on Mobi screen when connected to a power source.

Workspace Icon Guide
This guide explains the function of each Workspace Toolbar icon.  Remember, your Toolbar can be customized by adding or deleting icons.

Building Workspace Gallery Video Tutorial
To begin using the graphics and Sims files in Workspace, you must first build your gallery.  This video tutorial demonstrates the steps to build your Workspace Gallery.

Workspace Multi-User Guide
This guide will take you step by step through the process of how to use the Multi-User feature in Workspace.

Workspace Multi-User Video Tutorial
This video demonstrates the process for using the Multi-User feature in Workspace.

Create and Modify Workspace Pages
Blank pages are one option, but you can create grid pages, gradient pages, and transitions according to your preferences.

Customize Workspace
You can customize the look of your software by altering the toolbar, annotation window, and gallery.

Firmware Updates for Mobis and RF Sticks
This document will guide you through the steps needed to update your devices to the newest firmware available. It is recommended to perform this task about two times per year, if possible.


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