SMART Technologies Website   
Visit this site to learn more about SMART's   products, webinars, and resources.  

SMART Exchange
Find pre-existing SMART Notebook activities for Grades K-12. Searching for and previewing files can be done without registering. If you want to download a file for classroom use, you will need to follow their steps to be considered a registered user. NOTE: Deselect the box in the registration process that asks if you'd like to participate in a survey or receive updates to avoid getting numerous email alerts.

SMART Notebook for Home
This guide provides the steps needed for downloading the SMART Notebook software for Home use.  You will need to contact one of the district's Educational Technology Trainers or your Computer Lab Manager for the Code to activate your software.

SMART Slate Tutorial
Use the Slate to control computer applications or write on the SMART Board from anywhere in the room.

Customizing the SMART Slate
You can customize your Slate so that it reflects what you need most for effective and seamless instruction.

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